Forklift Load Backrest Guards Measuring

Forklift Backrest Guard Diagram


How to measure:
Measure the width of your back rest (A) and the height of your back rest (B). B + B + A = total length needed. Order by total length needed, give us the width measurement (A) and the type of material your backrest is made of; i.e., 3" x 5/8" flat stock, 2" x 2" tube steel, etc.

When starting your height measurement (B) that our guards make a complete wrap of the outer backrest rail so you will need to start your measurement at the lowest point on the side rail. That will allow you to wrap around, normally at the top of the side shifter (See starting point on diagram).

Stock sizes are 128", 134", and 140", but we make any length that your business requires.
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