Forklift Bumpers - Mighty Bumpers

"MightyBumper" Low Profile 3M Extruded Bumper
"MightyBumper" Low Profile 3M Extruded Bumper
Item: "MightyBumper" Low Profile 3M Extruded Bumper
Price: $44.95 per linear ft
Description: Mighty Bumper 3M Adhesive Forklift Bumpers are made of a tough extruded non-marking PVC material. Installation is made easy with a new 3M VHB acrylic peel off adhesive that allows for a quick and secure mount. Mighty Bumper can be placed anywhere on your lifts to protect your lifts paint, warehouse walls, post, or racks.Mighty Bumper is 3 1/4" wide 3/4" thick, and is tapered on the sides and ends to eliminate all blunt edges. The product comes ready to install and can be ordered in any length.