About J.McErins

The Leader in Protective Forklift Padding Since 1983

From protective forklift guards to cooler doors – keg bumpers to keg jackets – dock seals to dock bumpers – forklift seats to hand trucks, J. McErins strives to fulfill all your warehouse and dock equipment needs. Since 1983, we have been the leader in protective forklift padding and have continued to design, manufacture, and distribute new products to fit our customers’ growing material handling demands.

J. McErins began by developing the original “Protective Forklift Guard” in 1983. It was conceived as a solution to the damage done to a fleet’s paint and decals by the load backrest of forklifts. Over the years, such customers as Anheuser-Busch, Miller, Coors, Coca-Cola, and Pepsi-Cola have discovered that they can cut their maintenance costs while keeping their trucks looking great. In addition, they have found that our protective forklift padding offers protection to their product from damage caused by forklifts.

While Protective Forklift Guards have always been our main product line, we have also prided ourselves on being sensitive to our customers’ needs. Consequently, we developed the “Safety Keg Drop,” a keg bumper designed to withstand the constant stress of having 160+ poundage dropped on it plus offering less bounce, which makes it safer for the driver. Another item, stemming from this concern for safety, was the “Pallet Stand,” which is a platform allowing drivers to stand and safely unload cases from the tops of trucks.

Over the years, we have continually added new products to our line. Such products include: strips for cooler doors (now available in Rip-A-Strip, which offers the convenience of precut and punched strips and the economy of rolled material) along with various other types of doors needed in the warehouse; e.g., impact doors and air doors. We offer Post Shields for bollards in the warehouse, as well as column, wall, rack, corner, and pipe protectors. We even custom make cushioned Post Guards for larger columns found within warehouses.

Our loading dock accessories include everything from dock seals and dock bumpers to trailer stands, parking blocks, speed bumps, wheel chocks, and dock lights. We also carry the RWM line of hand trucks, which feature stress resistant frames, ergonomic designs, and a 500-pound loading capacity. Most of the hand truck parts are even interchangeable with Magliner but at a more economical price.

Recently, we have introduced Wire Shelf Trucks, or carts, for repack rooms. These can either be ordered in standard sizes, or you can custom design your own shelving. We also carry the covers to fit this type of shelving, made of reinforced vinyl and available in a variety of colors. All of our cart covers are custom made to fit your specific requirements.